People have always told me that they admire my fearless approach to life. I must acknowledge however that it is not always "fearless". 
An element of fear is most always present in the choices/opportunities that life presents but I believe that if  we want to live a life in the sweet pursuit of the things that move us then choosing faith over fear is simply that. It's a choice. Whether it be a new relationship, a new life skill, a move to a new city or throwing yourself into the life of your dreams, I wish you strength and courage in the pursuit of all that speaks to you and pulls you closer to the life that is uniquely and beautifully yours to explore and live.

A few of the things that set my soul on fire:  Love, Family, Acceptance, Awareness, Fun, Balance, Nature, Adventure, Music, Travel,  Community, Connection... and of course YOGA.  My greatest desire as a teacher is to share these things and more with a fire, a passion and a light that is contagious! So come as you are, jump in and let the journey begin. I'm thrilled to connect with you! NAMASTE! 

STUDIO & PRIVATE YOGA CLASSES to inspire shift, balance and connection. 

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