Corporate Yoga & WELLNESS

"Whether you are self-employed, a small-business owner or a corporate mogul, both your business and your employees (even if that’s just you) will benefit by incorporating yoga into your daily work routine and your wellness program.
If you do not have one, now is a great time to start. It’s reported that companies spend about $14,000 per employee on medically related productivity costs annually. But companies that offer yoga and other wellness program benefits greatly reduce their health insurance premiums and increase their bottom line." 

As a corporate professional for over 20 years, Shannon knows & understand the demands, pressures and stress that can occur in the modern workplace. As a 20 year practitioner of yoga, she knows and understands the benefits of a strong yoga, meditation and wellness program. Merging these two worlds together is something she is truly passionate about and would like to bring to you! 


Shannon has partnered up with Kristen Johnson Brogan, Registered Dietitian and speaker for On Target Living and author of Target To Table: Delicious & Healthy Meals One Superfood at a Time to offer Corporate Yoga Classes, Yoga & Nutrition Lunch & Learn Sessions and a variety of Yoga & Wellness Programs based on the needs of your organization. 

Shannon and Kristen will work with you to create a custom-tailored program designed to fit the needs of your firm. They are also available for Corporate Off-Site Events & Conferences to bring the yoga & wellness to you when and where you and your team go!  They understand the importance of creative, organized events and will work with your team to understand your needs, execute and deliver a results-driven and fun event!