"What I like most about taking yoga classes with Shannon is that every time I step on my mat (whether in the studio or on her awesome rooftop deck) , my experience that day is so real. It's not about who's doing the best with their poses, what anyone looks like or even how good of a workout I'm getting. It's about nourishing my body and soul and she brings that out in me more than any other teacher I've had! Her classes are both fun and reflective and I love all the great music and energy she brings!" - Leigh Cuda (student- Chicago) 

"I love how Shannon is so alive, funny, and spirit filled! She shares her great vibes with others and gives them permission to find the spirit within themselves. Her classes are fun and authentic with fab music and I love how she inspires us to learn, laugh, and grow together as a class and community.... what yoga ought to be!"- Phil Gilbert (student - Kansas City)

"Living in NYC, there were so many choices on where to practice yoga, but after visiting Shannon's edgy gorgeous yoga studio - The Fierce Club - and taking Shannon's class, I was addicted.  Shannon provided the perfect mix of spirituality, balanced with warmth and humor. Unlike the more "commercial" yoga studios in NYC, Shannon focused on each and every student in the class - whether through her adjustments or simply seeing that you might just need a little extra TLC that day. As a lifelong runner and cyclist, my body was in knots. I fondly remember and totally miss going to a class where an instructor asks what is challenging her students bodies and tailors the the class to fit those needs. I could never think on the fly like that. Shannon's intuitive guidance comes from her ability to truly listen and understand." - Heidi Stefanski (student - NYC) 

"I love the energy that Shannon brings to her classes. Everyone is welcome and whether you've been practicing for 10 days or 10 years, she encourages you to be where you are at in that particular moment. The combination of her rocking playlists, creative sequences, and her wisdom make Shannon's classes an awesome experience for both the mind and body." - Chrissie Chow (student - Seattle)

"So many people practice yoga these days for a variety of reason. Shannon's classes meet the needs of just about everyone because they are challenging physically but also include a lot of mind/body elements. Her focus on proper form and alignment are valuable and her classes are always fun and fresh." - Doreen Hsu (student- Chicago)